During our consult call or Zoom, we'll define your goals for the shoot.  What do you and your agent have in mind? Where you are in your career, your background, how often you are auditioning, what types of roles you are auditioning for and booking?  It's a great idea to talk to your reps about what they’d like to see from your photos and what would help them pitch you more effectively and let me know. I want to help you reach your professional goals.  No agent? No problem! I’m more than happy to help you refine your "hit" and plan your shoot accordingly.

Prepare in advance: After we chat, take some time leading up to the session choosing your wardrobe.  Make sure your clothes are in good condition, clean and pressed. We can touch up with our steamer but ultimately let’s spend time shooting, not steaming your shirt! Stick to solids and textures rather than busy patterns. We’ll be shooting quite tight for headshots so focus on shirts, jackets, t-shirts and sweaters. Make sure to choose colors you love and clothes that make you feel good. Please bring plenty of clothing - always better to have a wealth of options!

If you need to touch up your hair color or get a trim- now’s the time! Try and avoid getting your hair done the day before- if something needs to be adjusted, you’ll want time to fix it. Also, fresh colour and men’s cuts need a couple days to look less “sharp”.
Unless you’re an avid user of self tanner, and it’s how you always present yourself, now is not the time to try it. 

Seriously. I’ve seen it go horribly wrong.

Hydrate. Sounds simple but makes a huge difference. In the days leading up to your session, take care of yourself; get some fresh air, plenty of rest and drink lots of water. Avoid “recreational” substances the night prior. (That includes alcohol.)

Be on time for your session. Make sure you give yourself time to find parking and get up to the studio without rushing. If you have a lot of clothing, I can meet you in the loading bay to help unload before you find parking. Being early allows you time for each part of your day to happen at a relaxed pace. Stress, panic and photoshoots don’t mix. If you’re early, the area has tons of great cafes where you can grab a beverage or a snack to keep you going. Being late reduces the amount of time we have to work together as I may have another client coming in after.

We have excellent Hair & Makeup Artists available for you at additional cost. I highly recommend using them for the best outcome - especially women. Photography requires a different technique than daily use or audition makeup and the artist can really help your best features stand out so you look your absolute BEST. This allows you to relax and focus on being in front of the camera.

***Please come with your hair dry and styled as you would for an audition. Hair will be lightly styled but if you’re curly and want it straight, please come with it straight. (And vice versa.)

If you are super confident and comfortable doing your own hair and makeup, please come camera ready with your touch up bag and styling tools. Keep your makeup light and natural. Excess makeup is harder to fix than makeup that is lightly applied. We can always add more as needed. Please be aware we won’t be able to accomodate reshoots if you’re unhappy and did your own HMU.

If you’d like to get shots with both versions of your facial hair, please come with your beard groomed as you would for auditions. Once we’re happy with those shots, you’re welcome to shave and then makeup will be retouched. The client will be responsible for cleaning up after shaving.


The MINI-2 LOOKS $325.00

 A great option for those just starting out or with a specific goal. 

These shoots generally run for about 45-60 minutes of live shooting after Hair & Make-Up.

Consult call to plan your goal for the shoot, including wardrobe.

Image gallery to choose from, watermarked and unretouched.

2 Final, retouched choices in both high resolution (print) and web ready formats.  

The CLASSIC -3 LOOKS $425.00

 A longer headshot shoot with multiple end  images or "looks". 

These shoots generally run for about 90 minutes of live shooting after Hair & Make-Up.

Consult call to plan your goals for the shoot, including wardrobe.

Image gallery to choose from, watermarked and unretouched.  

3 Final, retouched choices in both high resolution (print) and web ready formats.

The KIDDO 2 Looks $250.00

An abbreviated headshot shoot suited to younger clients. 

These shoots run under an hour and result in a commercial and long form image. 

Consult call to plan your child's goals for the shoot, including wardrobe.

Image gallery to choose from, watermarked and unretouched.  

2 Final, retouched choices in both high resolution (print) and web ready formats.


Please inquire for quote.

A longer shoot with multiple end  images or "looks". Includes Portrait style images and the option for on location Lifestyle branding images for one or more clients.

Consult call to plan your goals for the shoot, including wardrobe.

Image gallery to choose from, watermarked and unretouched.  


Hair & Makeup $120-250.00

*depending on artist and amount of looks

Highly recommend for a great end result. Photo ready makeup and hair, with touches throughout and one or more hair and makeup changes. We build from a natural look all the way up to a more dramatic look, including hairstyle changes.

Additional Looks $100.00

Add an extra look to the Classic for $100.00. Includes a background and lighting change. Always wanted a shot in that rocking red carpet dress? Now's the time!

Additional Retouching $25.00 per image

If you just can't decide and want multiple images retouched above the included retouching in your package. 

Slate Shots $50.00

Add a Slate Shot Video to your shoot to boost your profile in casting submissions on Actors Access and Casting Workbook. Have your Slate Shot match your Headshot! 

Don't see what you need? Looking for a Professional/Real Estate Image?

Any all of the above shoots can be combined and or modified to curate a package specifically for your needs. Professional shots that don't require Hair & Makeup or for groups or on location at your business can be arranged. Contact me for options & pricing. 


Once you’ve chosen your final images, stray hairs, blemishes, excess shine, under eye darkness and minor skin tone issues will all be fixed in retouching. That being said, it's imperative you look like yourself! Adjustments that change the structure of your face or remove permanent elements of your face (moles/scars etc) should not be done. Imagine showing up for a wardrobe session or to set looking totally different! Not good! 


The short answer is "No". 

Here's the long answer: The files in your gallery are raw and unretouched. Why spend the time, money and energy doing a shoot, choosing the perfect shots, editing/retouching them...and then dumping the "runner ups" online where the difference between a finished photo and an unedited proof will be obvious and do you no favours? You can ALWAYS come back at a later date, choose more images and have them retouched. The remaining files will remain watermarked, on backup, should you decide to retouch additional images at a later date.

All above prices are for in studio headshots only. Package and Session photoshoots are prices per person,
no sharing, no splitting. Group rates available upon request.
Prices subject to change. 


Payment is due on the day of your shoot, before you leave the studio. The avoids any awkward follow up emails and repeat invoicing. Galleries will not be published until payment is received. Cash, card or transfer are all accepted forms of payment for the photoshoot. If you intend to use credit, please advise in advance and I'll send you a link.

(3.5% fee will be added to all credit card transactions)

Makeup Artist should be paid directly at your shoot (MUA prefer Cash or Etransfer )


A.ALL IMAGES ARE OWNED AND REMAIN THE COPYRIGHT and property of Christina Cox Photography, and all rights therein are reserved.

Clients are free to use finalized images for headshots, social media, personal websites and all casting purposes. 

Social Media

All social media posts must be Credited and Tagged @christinacox_photo

The appropriate copyright must be given on all images. For all other uses, especially Press announcements, Magazine (print & online) and Print Media, Music or Advertising purposes please contact me directly.

By booking & shooting with us you agree to these terms.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/christinacoxphoto/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/christinacoxphotography/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/reallychristina

Please tag @christina cox_photo and your makeup artist on your Instagram posts- and we’ll be sure to tag you too! For IMDB, web or other publications please use Christina Cox Photography. I respectfully ask you resist the urge to add filters, they change the intended outcome of the photos.


All sessions will take place in my studio near Dufferin & Dupont unless otherwise arranged. Addtional fees will be required for on location sessions. 

Cancellation & Rescheduling

Photographs are artistic creations. Interpretation of artistic creations is extremely subjective. Because of this, there are no re-shoots or refunds. I always ask my clients to be upfront and honest with me and to to speak up if they’d like us to change something.

Sometimes things come up, so rescheduling is allowed one time as long as you give us at least 5 full business days notice. Business days are Monday – Friday. Rescheduling 5 business days or less is considered a cancellation and your holding fee ($75) is forfeited plus any additional cancellation fees for Hmua. If you do reschedule, your rescheduled appointment must be within 3 months of your original session date, and you may only transfer the deposit once and will need to pay the remainder of your shoot upfront. Within the 5 business days payment is required in full and remainder will transfer over to new date, paid in advance. If re-scheduling within 5 days and booking hmua, additional cancellation fees may apply. For those who contact Covid-19, or have proof that they booked an acting job or have a non-moveable theatrical callback, please let us know as we try to be mutually supportive and respectful with our cancellation policy.

A “no show” (client does not show up at the scheduled time, and has not given notification at least 2 full business day before shoot) will not be rebooked.

We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule any sessions for any reason. In this case we will refund any holding fees. We reserve the right to refuse service for any reason.  Sessions will be ended and not rescheduled in the event of abusive or aggressive language or behavior. 

By booking & shooting with us you agree to these terms.

Session payment can be E-transfer, cash, credit or PayPal on the day of shoot. Deposits must be made within 7 days of your scheduled session to hold your spot.

A $75.00 deposit will be required to book your session. Please see the above cancellation policy. No shows on shoot day will not be rebooked.

Drop me a line to discuss rates and availability!

* All rates are + HST and Invoice will be provided.

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